Exceptional Showboating: Martin Mutumba (AIK) pulls off a rainbow flick & chapeu v Gefle

AIK Stockholm beat Gefle 3-0 on Saturday to move third in the Swedish Allsvenskan, and he match had a terrific finale as home forward Martin Mutumba put on an exceptional skills show.

With the match won and injury time ticking over, Mutumba, a Swedish-born Ugandan international footballer, made Gefle look stupid in two moves, right after each other.

Mutumba started his showboating with a rainbow flick over the Gefle right back, and moments later the forward pulled off a snazzy chapeu over another opponent – much to the enjoyment of the commentators and home crowd.

Watch Martin Mutumba’s exceptional showboating below (thanks to @Bjarnelind7 for the tip off).