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Even Cristiano Ronaldo can’t play Grand Theft Auto online, gets an error message [Picture]

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

BWAbsAbCIAA7Qo3 Even Cristiano Ronaldo cant play Grand Theft Auto online, gets an error message [Picture]

Fans of the mega-successful computer game Grand Theft Auto have been complaining furiously over the past few days as many gamers have been unable to enjoy the shoot-em-up online.

Fans of GTA have been receiving error messages on Rockstar’s servers, and on Monday a picture starting getting passed round the internet of Cristiano Ronaldo standing in front of a giant screen as he also faced the same problem.

Whether the picture is real or a meme is unknown, but many GTA fans are distributing the image as 100% real.

Aside from this latest image, fans of GTA have long imagined what the game would be like if Cristiano Ronaldo was the central figure in the game.

In that regard, a bunch of talented hackers have included the Real Madrid star in the new GTA IV, and you can watch Cristiano shooting up the streets of New York below.

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