Epic Passion! ‘F**king Yes! Bloody Yes!’ Chinese Gooner goes crazy with joy at beating Dortmund on Arsenal Fan TV

After some of the depressing Gooners we’ve seen interviewed by Arsenal Fan TV lately – even after WINNING games – this is a welcome show of raw passion.

From a Chinese Gooner!

The Asian  London dweller began his interview rather innocuously by giving out about Dortmund’s security inside the Westfalenstadion, before then launching into a pretty epic and passionate tirade, rendered all the more epic by the distinctly London twang to his pronounced Chinese accent.

‘Fucking Yes! Bloody yes! We won this game. Fucking yes! We have Chinese fans coming from all over Europe, and that’s history made. We’ll fucking beat Man Uniiiiiiiiiited!

Just imagine the atmos inside the Emirates if everyone showed the same passion.

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