Epic last minute own goal FAIL: Nikola Ignjatijevic (Zorya) v Metalurg Donetsk

In truth 2012 hasn’t been a great year for own goals.

In 2011 we were blessed with comic howlers from Carl Jenkinson, Inigo Martinez and Festus Baise’s unforgettable reverse scorpion kick in Hong Kong, and for the most part such doozies have been absent over the past 12 months.

Happily that trend was slightly bucked on Saturday in the Ukraine in the ignorable match between Zorya and Metalurg Donetsk.

Zorya lost the match 2-1 in the first minute of injury time when their Serbian centre-half Nikola Ignjatijevic ridiculously executed a 20-yard backwards header that looped over the home keeper and into the net.

Watch Nikola Ignjatijevic’s epic last minute own goal FAIL below.