Drag & Drop: A Chinese footballer sent off for yanking an injury faker off the pitch

At the wrong end of the Chinese Super League on Wednesday, Changchun Yatai claimed a narrow 1-0 win over fallen giants Shanghai Shenhua.

Shanghai, who previously had Nicolas Anelka and Didier Drogba on their books before the club imploded, not only lost the relegation 6-pointer, but they also had one of their players sent off in a bizarre incident at the end of the game.

After a coming together between Shenhua’s midfielder Wang Shouting and Changchun Yatai’s Matt McKay, the latter slumped to the floor holding his stomach as if his guts were about to spill out onto the pitch.

McKay’s behaviour was over the top and exaggerated, and the player looked like he had fabricated his injury in order to eat up crucial seconds at the end of the match.

But Shenhua’s Wang Shouting was having none of it, so he reacted by dragging his opponent off the pitch by his arms in an effort to get the play restarted as soon as possible.

Unfortunately for Shouting the referee did not appreciate his behaviour, and the official produced a red card as a result.