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Doing A Hazard! A ballboy gets kicked to the ground during an Estonian league match

Its happened again!

A ballboy received a bad kicking during a top flight Estonian league match last Sunday as Nõmme Kalju beat FC Levadia 1-0.

Midway through the second half, FC Levadia’s Rimo Hunt swiped the legs from underneath the young lad after having released a pass to a teammate along the touchline.

The incident was instantly reminiscent of Eden Hazard’s infamous kick on a Swansea’s ballboy Charlie Morgan back in January, however on this occasion it appeared that Rimo Hunt kicked the ballboy more by accident than design.

Whether intentional or not though, Hunt has since been slammed as the player failed to show any concern for his victim despite other players and supporters quickly coming to the aid off the ballboy.

Watch Andero Pebre kick a ballboy in Estonia below.

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