Do’h! Artur Kotenko (Viking Stavanger) vs Odd Grenland

With the Norwegian Tippeligaen season just weeks away from beginning afresh, clubs are going through their final pre-season motions before the big kick-off arrives on March 13th.

During this period a whole host of friendlies are being played out across Scandinavia, and on Thursday Viking Stavanger took on Odd Grenland in a match which ended 1-nil to the visitors.

Odd’s goal though was by no means done to their own good play. Rather, Viking’s new Estonian keeper Artur Kotenko dosed himself in shame by failing with his attempt to kick the ball upfield. Instead the ball dribbled 10-yards straight to Magnus Lekven, and the midfielder had the simple job of whacking the ball into the empty net.

Artur Kotenko’s horror balls-up can be seen here.