Dismissed for doing nothing: Marko Arnautovic sees red for threatening to kick the ball at the ref

Austrian centre-forward Marko Arnautovic received one of the strangest red cards of the season on Sunday after the Werder striker was dismissed for threatening to kick the ball at the referee.

The action all played out in the final moments of Hamburg’s 3-2 win over Bremen.

As injury time ticked over, Arnautovic, a prickly character at the best of times, found himself going into the referee’s book when he body-checked Heiko Westermann when trying to get to high ball.

Referee Thorsten Kinhofer was quick to flash the forward with a yellow card, and that sparked a furious-ish response from Arnautovic.

Pissed at his booking, the 23-year-old reacted by threatening to kick the ball at the ref’s head. He didn’t actually do anything, but that didn’t stop the anal official from producing a second yellow in quick succession.