Coke Zero continue celebrating 50 years of the Bundesliga with a terrific mash-up video

It’s the 50th year of the Bundesliga, and Coke Zero are making sure everyone knows about it.

Coke Zero have launched a brilliant marketing campaign highlighting some of the league’s finest moments during the last 50 years.

Cleverly, Coke Zero have achieved their goals by mashing-up older and newer clips throughout the years of German football.

Two video have already been released in the campaign featuring clips of De Tünn, Loddar, Laudrup, Grafite, Matthaus, Neuer, Götze, Okocha and Lehmann.

Now a new clip has been released, and it’s another corker.

Featuring Ailton, Özil, Götze, Okocha and Kahn, watch Coke Zero’s brilliant Bundesliga celebration mash-up video below.