CNN report on Togolese football team attack en route to Angola (video)

The African Cup of Nations is in danger of collapse on after Togo threatened to withdraw from the competition after a coach carrying the country’s football team was attacked by gunmen, who killed the bus’s driver and wounded six others, including two players.

Goalkeeper Kodjovi Obilale and defender Serge Akagpo were both reported to have been badly wounded in the attack.

The most graphic description of what then occurred was offered by Thomas Dossevi, a striker who plays for the French club, Nantes. He gave an interview to the French radio station, RMC.

“I’m okay but several players are in a bad state. We are still in hospital. We were machine-gunned like dogs and had to remain hidden under our seats for around 20 minutes to avoid the bullets. We don’t feel much like playing the CAN Cup. Our thoughts are with our friends, the injured. We had just crossed the border. We had filled in the border formalities and were surrounded by police. Everything was fine. Then there was a powerful burst of gunfire. Everyone dived under the seats and the police fired back. It felt like war had broken out. It’s shocking. When we got off the bus we were asking ourselves what was up. The official in charge of communications also stopped a bullet – he lost a lot of blood.”

A CNN report into the incident can be seen here.


More footage has since been released of the aftermath of the brutal attack, with Manchester City’s Emmanuel Adebayor clearly seen in a state of distress on the camera.

The footage can be seen here.

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  1. Ade had said that ‘we’ didnt understand africa like he did, he knew what the deal was about the violence and that continent is all love and hugs all the time.

    Im sorry Ade but there are a lot of f***ed up people on your continent and they’ve been killing each other just like on other continents. Being rich and famous doesnt make you invincible, it makes you a target.

    I think when most people heard an event was taking place in Angola they probably figured it couldnt be worse than having a major event in South Africa (WC) and Rio de Janeiro (Olympics).
    Doesnt mean that some countries cant organize events, it just means some have higher possibilities for things to go wrong (the words civil war, rebellion are usually a clue.)

    THe blame of course lies with the Togo organization according to the cup organizers because no one in his right mind were supposed to cross that area by bus, only by plane.
    You hear that people?
    That part of the country is ONLY to be travelled by plane because its not safe by train or bus.
    When you cant guarantee land travel safety in a country and suggest that flying is the only option, you DONT F***ING organize and event there.

    What kind of an expression is “machine-gunned like dogs”?
    Are there some cultures where dogs are machine-gunned?
    Imagine if an american athlete said “machine-gunned like dogs”, I think they’d have him executed.

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