Close Shave! Lionel Messi’s last-gasp winner saves Las Vegas punter from losing £200,000 stake on Iran game!

What happens in Vegas, should always stay in Vegas.

But this unnamed punter (Alan from The Hangover?) was so relieved with his close shave that he decided to post the details of his incredible bet.

The guy was so sure that Aguero, Messi and co would do the business against Iran that he staked a whopping $350,000 / £200,000 on an Argentina win!

With such a colossal stake, he ‘only’ stood to win $30,000, but hey – it’s a free 30Gs right, Argentina have to beat Iran.


But he was on the cusp of losing it all, as the score remained at 0-0 after 90 minutes…

Then up stepped Messi to save the day for Argentina. And this guy’s life!

(Via Mirror Football)