Clarence Seedorf gets his 2nd red card in over 800 games for upsetting the ref when getting subbed

36-year-old Clarence Seedorf received a scandalously stupid red card on Sunday night in Brazil.

Playing for Botafogo in a 2-1 away win at Madureira, Seedorf was served with just his second ever red card after the referee got pissed off with the way the Dutchman left the pitch when getting subbed.

Seedorf had fired Botafogo 2-1 ahead in the 67th minute, but by the final stages of the match the Dutchman had begun to lag.

Seedorf saw his number flashed up on the sidelines for a late substitution, but before he could get back to his bench the former AC Milan and Real Madrid legend was on the receiving end of two quick-fire yellow cards for not leaving the pitch in a manner to the ref’s liking.

Seedorf later told reporters: “I didn’t understand anything.”

Watch Clarence Seedorf’s barmy dismissal below, while you can also watch Seedorf’s only other red card for slapping a Messina player back in the Serie A 2005/06 season below.