Chelsea & Watford hero Gianfranco Zola stars in music video called ‘Zola’ for the Wonder Villains

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Well… this was unexpected.

The Wonder Villains, who described themselves as a pop band from Derry City in Northern Ireland, have just released a brand new music video for their tune ‘Zola’.

The song about the Chelsea, Watford and Italian football legend was actually released in 2011, but it is now destined for a dust-down and revamp after Gianfranco Zola himself has starred in a new video.

The band has previously explained how the song came to be written, saying:

We released a song on the internet and a fan made an accompanying video for the track which was just made up of classic goals from players like Zola and Dennis Bergkamp. We hadn’t thought about Zola in years but we think he’s class so we thought we should write a song about him. It really was that simple!

See Chelsea & Watford hero Gianfranco Zola star in the Wonder Villains’ music video below.