Chelsea TV prove Jose Mourinho DID NOT storm out of the Steaua Bucharest presser

It will come as no surprise that an in-house TV channel have defended their high-profile manager but this time it looks like Chelsea have a reasonable gripe with the English media.

On Monday, there was widespread surprise that Jose Mourinho had stormed out of the pre Steaua Bucharest press conference after being asked about the omission of Kevin De Bruyne from his Champions League squad for the game in Romania.

See: Jose Mourinho walks out of his CL press conference after getting pissed about Kevin De Bruyne questions [The Tweets].

But, you can clearly see on the video below that before Mourinho “storms out” he made it very clear that this was the final question of the press conference he would be answering.

This undoubtedly comes across as a good advertisement for Chelsea TV but this does appear to be the truth.

Quite why none of the English media present did not make it clear that Mourinho did not storm out is beyond us.

Presumably it didn’t fit the narrative…