Chelsea fan trolls Stan Collymore: “He hit that penalty like you hit Ulrika”

Considering Stan Collymore suffers from depression, a fact that is well known by the general public, this call may be seen by some as to be rather harsh.

Nevertheless, Collymore has plenty of critics and was Trolled mercilessly on his own call-in show on TalkSport today in the aftermath of Chelsea’s 2-1 win over Arsenal.

A Chelsea supporter rings up and leads Collymore on with some typical anti-Rafa Benitez comments before “Zane” finishes with a killer line.

Talking of Frank Lampard’s match-winning penalty, Zane says: “He hit that penalty like you hit Ulrika,” before being cut off.

For those who are not aware, when playing for Aston Villa and representing England, at the peak of his career in 1998, Collymore allegedly attacked his then girlfriend, TV star Ulrika Jonsson, in a Paris bar.

Audio of a Chelsea fan trolling Stan Collymore can be heard below.

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