A brilliant 40-yard free-kick you won’t have seen: Duarte Tammilehto (Honka) vs HJK

Although the Euros are coming not all domestic football in Europe has come to a standstill.

Thursday in Finland saw the semi-finals of the Suomen Cup play out, and after drawing 1-1 in regulation time Honka beat HJK on penalties to book their spot in the final.

The opening goal of the match was a scorcher.

On the quarter hour Honka won a free-kick 40-yards from the HJK goal, and midfielder Duarte Tammilehto took responsibility for the dead-ball. Tammilehto, however, had no intention of involving his teammates in the set-play; instead the number 6 opted to leather the ball goalwards to spectacular ends.

Watch Duarte Tammilehto’s incredible 40-yard free-kick here.