Brazilian police make drug seizure: Cocaine & Crack in capsules bearing Panini sticker of Cristiano Ronaldo

Sao Paulo Police captured a football-themed drug seizure yesterday, apprehending an 18-year old dealer carrying cocaine and crack.

His method of disguise?

Capsules bearing the Panini sticker of none other than Real Madrid and Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo – 30 containing cocaine, and nearly 182 containing crack.

But that was just what he was carrying.

Taken back to his home for a full search, a further 300 capsules of cocaine were found, and 3,000 capsules of crack – all bearing the same Panini sticker of Cristiano Ronaldo.

That must have taken a serious amount of sticker dealing to be fair, on top of the drugs.

At least it keeps Ronaldo’s World Cup spirit alive, after being knocked out yesterday.

Kind of.

(Via G1 Brasil)