Bart Simpson, Sisqo, & Storm from X-Men: Brazil’s Dani Alves ridiculed for grey hair dye v Mexico [Tweets]

Dani Alves has really embraced the Samba Spirit, playing the World Cup back in his homeland Brazil.

A fashionista like no other, Alves enjoys flashy clothes and hairstyles, and he’s decided to mark the Brassssssiuuuuu World Cup with a bleached blond look.

There’s just one problem: it came out grey.

Whether by accident or design, Alves’ hair has been dyed a grey-silver hybrid, giving him a rather bizarre aged and haggard look.

Twitter’s enjoyed poking fun at him – Bart Simpson, the dummer from No Doubt, Siquo and Storm from X-Men are just some of the lookalikes being bandied about.

Probably ain’t gonna catch on with the Yoof.