Barcelona’s Gerard Deulofeu mocks Cristiano Ronaldo’s celebration in the Camp Nou car park [Video]

Gerard Deulofeu was on media duty this morning, giving a press conference before training.

And the 20-year old, who spent last season on loan at Everton, arrived for work all bright eyed and bushy tailed, in great form as he got out of his car in the Camp Nou carpark.

Noticing a Mercedes-driving teammate approaching, Deulofeu went for a private joke, and spread his arms out like the Wolf of Wall Street.

He then started pointing at his chest and pointing at the ground, miming ‘Yo hablo aqui!’, ‘I talk here!’, with a pretty uncanny impression of Cristiano Ronaldo’s signature celebration.

We’re only in July, and the first bit of Madrid-Barcelona tension surfaces. Gonna be a fun season…