Ball boy saves certain goal (Guarany v Sergipe)

Amazing footage has emerged from a  Campeonato Sergipano (from the state Sergipe) match played in Brazil yesterday between Guarany and Sergipe.

With just seconds remaining, the Guarany keeper went up for a corner but when the Sergipe goalie got hold of the ball he got the ball upfield quickly leaving a striker in on goal.

A shot from the attacker cleared a last ditch defender but a ball boy comes into shot and clears the ball. As one comment on the video below says – at least he used his feet to avoid detection!

After the ball boy ran off the pitch, to cheers from the home support, a scuffle ensued, which caused the referee to end the game early – simply awarding the win to Sergipe.

Footage of the ball boy saving a certain goal is here.

(Via an excellent find from Dirty Tackle.)

As The Guardian point out, this is not the first time such an incident has arisen in Brazil, in 2006 a ball boy goal stood in a game between Santacruzense and Atletico Sorocaba.