Balkans FAIL: David Moyes: ‘Januzaj can play for 3 or 4 different countries, Albania, Croatia…’

Balkans geography probably isn’t one of David Moyes’ fortes.

Drawn on Adnan Janujaz’s international situation following the youngster’s announcement to the world with his double golazo display against Sunderland, David Moyes showed he hadn’t really done his research.

Explaining that Januzaj can ‘probably play for 3 or 4 different countries’ (when it’s actually six), he began tentatively listing Januzaj’s possibilities, before realising he didn’t really know.

Moyes suggested Januzaj could possibly play for ‘Albania, Croatia…’ before trailing off and changing the subject.

For the record, the six countries Januzaj is eligible for are: Belgium, Albania, Kosovo, Turkey, Serbia, and England. Not Croatia.

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