Awesome! The new Jurgen Klopp song: Kloppo You Rockstar!

Last night we brought you the 2011 song “I wanna be like Jurgen Klopp.”

And, it appears the love for Borussia Dortmund coach Jurgen Klopp may have hit fever pitch ahead of the Champions League final against Bayern Munich on Saturday night.

German comedian Matze Knop, who was responsible for the song that went viral after Dortmund won their first Bundesliga title, has released another tune, according the former Mainz boss with his current standing in the game.

“Kloppo You Rockstar” starts off with a reference to Klopp’s victory over Jose Mourinho in the Champions League semi-final and goes on to  credit how the Dortmund boss manages his young and exciting side.

Matze Knop has played Klopp on German TV for some time and seems to be an absolute genius at portraying how the Dortmund boss moves on the touchline.

This is quality!