Atletico’s Godin told Miranda to attack Messi’s thigh as he was struggling with injury

Atleticos Godin told Miranda to attack Messis thigh as he was struggling with injuryAtletico Madrid centre-back Diego Godin is today being charged with showing underhanded tactics during the SPanish Super Cup on Wednesday night.

Lionel Messi was withdrawn from the match at halftime after the Argentine forward was hampered with a thigh strain, but before the world footballer of the year had been told to sit on the bench Al Jazeera sports picked up on footage of Atleti’s players targetting Messi’s injury.

The footage in question recorded Uruguayan international Godin communicating with his centre-half teammate Miranda that Messi was troubled by a thigh problem.

After the initial communication, Godin was then seen clenching his fist in a “have it!” gesture, which was interpreted by onlookers as a blatant suggestion that Messi should be targetted right where it hurts.

Watch the footage below.

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