Arsene Wenger says he’s “on standby” for Suarez, as rift with Liverpool escalates [Liverpool Echo]

Arsene Wenger says hes on standby for Suarez, as rift with Liverpool escalates [Liverpool Echo]Late on Tuesday night newspapers released an explosive interview with Liverpool’s Luis Suarez, in which he claimed he was promised he could leave if Liverpool didn’t achieve Champions League qualification.

There is no question that this interview would have alerted Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger after he bid £40,000,o01 for the Uruguayan in recent weeks.

Today Arsene Wenger gave some quotes on the escalating transfer saga.

“At the moment the situation is on standby,” Wenger said. “I heard that [Suarez may take legal action against Liverpool] but this is sometimes linked with things that you don’t know as a potential buyer.”

“It’s nothing to do us. We have been told that the player wants to leave Liverpool and that’s why we’ve acted.”

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