Arsenal’s Podolski and Frimpong combine their trademark phrases in an Instagram video

After winning 3-0 away in Turkey, the mood on the Arsenal coach on the way back from the Fenerbahce game was relaxed and jovial if a video uploaded onto Instagram by Lukas Podolski is anything to go by.

Podolski, who played just a cameo role in the game coming off the Gunners substitutes bench in the final ten minutes, filmed a selfie video alongside Emmanuel Frimpong (who spent the evening in Istanbul on the bench also) as they headed back to the hotel.

The video allowed the Arsenal duo the opportunity to merge their individual catchphrases into one short clip, in which Podolski and Frimpong started out by referencing the German’s “aha!” expression, before Frimpong free-styled a line about being Dench and getting Frimponged.

Watch the Arsenal duo combine their trademark phrases in an Instagram video below.

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