Arsenal fan Claude: ‘I feel sorry for Alexis Sanchez; he used to have Xavi, now he has Arteta’ [Video]

BuJJZefIcAA6yhN Arsenal fan Claude: I feel sorry for Alexis Sanchez; he used to have Xavi, now he has Arteta [Video]

After the high of Sanogo’s hat-trick and beating Benfica 5-1 yesterday, Arsenal were brought back to earth with a 0-1 defeat to Monaco today, meaning they again failed to lift the Emirates Cup as hosts.

Robbie from Arsenal TV spoke to some disappointed Gooners outside the ground, and caught up with regular crank Claude, who invariably has very little positive to say about his side.

Looking as if he’s just attended a funeral, the Arsenal fan said:

‘Mate I feel sorry for Alexis Sancez; he’s used to working with Xavi and Iniesta, now he’s got Arteta’, which cracked his fellow Gooners up.

But he was easy on Arteta compared to the criticism he had reserved for ‘that lump’ Olivier Giroud.

The guy went on a wide-ranging rant against Giroud, insisting that the French striker is just not good enough for a team with designs on the Premier League trophy.

‘I can’t have it! Can’t have it! He ain’t good enough, ain’t good enough!’

nah, I apsolutely agree with this guy ! Giroud has to go off the 1st squad.THIS MAN NEEDS TO GET REAL!! look at his shirt it tells you all you need to know !! Giourd is a quality player and with Campbell and sanogo !! and sanchez wow what a signing upfront !! Arteta has done us proud !! and if his fool knows anything !! i think it is about netbal l not football !! what a plonker. As if Arteta will play more than 50% of the time. He'll have Ozil, Ramsey and Wilshere picking him out all season long. Possibly Carvalho too ;)I was at emirates on Saturday and was a good match, watched yesterday's from home and we were lethargic. But considering Ramsey Monreal chambers played big chunks of the match Saturday that's not surprising. Yes giroud was poor yesterday and yes he looks unfit and not ready but he has only been back training a week give the guy a chance. That said though from what I have seen this's weekend and pre season my preferred line up against city next week is. Szczesny bellerin chambers koscelny Gibbs, midfield of flamini Ramsey cazorla front three of chamberlain on left Campbell on right or up front and Sanchez . Reserves Martinez, Monreal,debauchy, sanogo, wilshere arteta,giroud. We got punished on left where cazorla didn't track back and left Monreal exposed. All I would change is if sanogo is injured is have akpom in his placeWho care about the opinion of this man? who is he for have so much publicity online today? I don't think he understand very well the game and also he is so good why don't apply to manager position somewhere ?Lolz """giroud not bad """ Jack was not supplying d pass needed yesterday """ As a midfielder One wonderss how a "supporter" like this treats his friends, colleagues and loved ones when everything doesn't go according to plan.He also had to play with Song and now gets to play with Ozil, so what's his point?"play with Song" when? Alex Song is just a benchwarmer at Barca.. Sanchez was being provided service by the best midfield in the world, and now he has Ozil (aka mr. noballz) so what's your point?Sorry, what?? Are you talking about Ozil the World Cup winner? That 'best midfield in the world' failed to win anything last year with the best forward in the world in front of them. I doubt their credentials. 3 years ago yes, but not now. Thats why they have been sold and/or replaced. And if we get Khedira or Carvalho, Arteta will ride pine too. Anyway, that was only half my point - Arteta and Xavi don't play in the same position. I'd have accepted either Ramsey or Ozil, but it was a daft comparison. And, by the way, if you've written off Ozil after a single season in English football then you're a numpty.‘I can’t have it! Can’t have it! He ain’t good enough, ain’t good enough!’ why does he feel the need to give himself an echo? Also, what a miserable helmet, just won a trophy, best transfer window for years (and it's not done yet) and he needs to moan about everything, why go and watch football if it makes you so unhappy?You are so right Khedira is the man and a prlific defender to replace Vermaelen if he does leave and perhaps a striker to help Giroud - Ralph from Malta
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