Announcement of Romelu Lukaku’s permanent move to Everton imminent [Tweets]

Reports are flooding in that Romelu Lukaku’s cryptic tweet this morning was referring to a permanent transfer to Everton.

The big Belgian striker thrived there last season and scored 16 goals in all competitions, a tally that have convinced Everton to part with a club-record £25 million and to increase Lukaku’s wages.

Still, it does not seem like much of a gamble; Lukaku is only 21 years old and has already scored 65 league goals in his career. The likelihood is he’ll have a long and fruitful career at Everton or he’ll be sold on at a profit.

A very smart move for Everton but an odd one for Chelsea. How much more proof did they require to see that Lukaku was capable of becoming one of the world’s best strikers?

As journalist Rory Smith puts it: If Lukaku can’t break into that Chelsea team, the chances of any of the kids farmed out in Holland doing it have to be slim to none.

You know how Mourinho is, he wants someone who plays both ways as intensely (remember how Hazard was lackadaisical before when he didnt have the ball and how he played last year?) and more importantly to play HIS way when you dont have the ball which in a football game is about 95% of the time. its just like with Mata (well besides the fact that Mata slowed down what Mourinho wanted to be a quick counterattacking team), first time I saw Willian who I had heard of but probably never saw play before, I realized what he brought off the ball which pleased Mourinho who is willing to sacrifice some offensive talent in favour of someone who can contribute on and off the ball. Lukaku still needs a few more years to become good at interplay with his midfields, better touch and constant effort. When he comes into his prime, he will be a beast who could be better than Drogba without the embarassing antics.. The thing is Mourinho doesnt plan to be around by the time the full package he wants is there (around 25), he is thinking for now. Or in Drogba's case, he is thinking about yesterday. Its a win now business. Last year, Chelsea was barely better than Arsenal whom he derided. Mourinho has to win now the way coaches of the big money teams always have to. Thats what he will be judged on, not whether Lukaku will one day become the best striker. By the time Lukaku finishes his tour of duty under Martinez at Everton, he will be ready to leave the midtable and play at the next level. This is probably better for him for the next 2-3 yrs to refine his game under a fine teaching manager.
B101 Writer