A brilliant goal you wont have seen: Quique Martin (Salamanca) vs Elche

We love great goals, but when a great goal is scored in the final minute of the match by a team playing with only 9-men, it is that much sweeter.

In the last round of matches in Spain’s second division, Salamanca hosted Elche and heading into the final seconds of the game things were looking decidedly dicey for the hosts. Fuster had fired the visitors ahead after twenty minutes, and with Salamanca chasing the game they had Pelegrin (80) and Sales (90) both dismissed.

Cue the wonderfully named Quique Martin to score a superb last-gasp injury-time equaliser. Instant control, sharpness of mind, the top corner, and a fair share of luck. It was a great way to finish the match.

Quique Martin’s excellent 90th minute leveller can be seen here.

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  1. bennox, top shout, and they all are in white shirts, and as the keeper cant wear the same coloured shirt as outfield players, they must have had 10 players then. prehaps sales was sent off later, as it does say he got sent off in 90th minute, maybe in stoppage time right at the very death?

    prehaps, but great goal never the less

  2. anon2, even worse shout, lol. 9 white shirts indeed, but as bennox says, there is a GK too. if they are playing without a GK, fair enough, 9 players. but since the keeper has to have a different kit from the outfield players, we can presume he is still on (and because of his position he is not in the camera shot), and so that would make 10.

  3. The Goal is in min. 93′, playing 11 vs. 10! (Pelegrín was sent off in 75′) then Jorge Alonso was sent off in the 94′!
    U got it? ;-)

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