A brilliant goal you wont have seen: Lukasz Szymoniak (KSZO Ostrowiec) vs Ruch Wysokie Mazovia

Second division Polish football. These are the depths we plunge during international week, however what we have unearthed is a true gem.

The footage below comes from last week’s II Liga match between the league leaders, KSZO Ostrowiec, playing at home against eighth-placed Ruch Wysokie Mazovia.

Having played out 89 goalless minutes, there appeared to be little danger on as Lukasz Szymoniak lined up to launch a free-kick into the Ruch mixer from just inside his opponents half. But then, whether by design or luck, the incredible happened and seconds later the hosts were going mental having secured another three points in their march to the title.

Lukasz Szymoniak’s incredible goal can be seen here.