A brilliant 50-yard golazo you won’t have seen: Fabio Cifani (US Termoli) v Torres

What do mean you weren’t following the Coppa Italia Dilettanti, otherwise known as the Italian Amateur Cup, this week?!

An incredible goal was scored by little known US Termoli midfielder Fabio Cifani on Wednesday, during his side’s 2-2 at Torres (the club famed for launching the career of one Gianfranco Zola).

After controlling a bouncing ball with a nifty trick just past the halfway-line, Cifani had the audacity to go for the Torres goal having spotted the opposition keeper roaming the edge of his box. His effort could scarcely have been better, as his half volley soared majestically towards the goal before roaring into the net.

Enjoy Fabio Cifani’s superb 50-yard golazo here.