7 Tweets = 141k followers: Paul Gascoigne joins Twitter; Welcome aboard Gazza!

7 Tweets=141k followers: Paul Gascoigne joins Twitter; Welcome aboard Gazza!With his recent troubles, it’s a refreshing surprise to see that Paul Gascoigne has joined Twitter.

He’s gone for a nice and simple description, keeping things in pure football terms: ‘Ex Newcastle, Tottenham, Lazio, Rangers, Everton, Middlesbrough and England footballer’.


The outpouring of love (mostly, there’s always a few idiots), one would hope Twitter can prove a useful outlet for Gascoigne to communicate and interact with the football world and beyond.

As he said himself in his first tweet, he’s looking forward to showing everyone ‘the real Gazza’, and without thinking it will be some sort of panacea, here’s hoping it can be a fruitful addition to his life.

Welcome aboard, Gazza!

Gascoigne’s avatar is @gazzaofficial,

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