Real Madrid’s Álvaro Arbeloa replies to Pique’s trolling tweet: ‘I’m delighted some people are changing the theatre for the cinema!’

Alvaro Arbeloa – who surprisingly has nearly 2.5 million Twitter followers – was straight on the social network following Madrid’s controversial win at Elche to reply equally subversively to Barcelona’s Gerard Pique’s earlier trolling. Arbeloa posted this classy black and white snap with his team mates with the message ‘Happy with the 3 points! I’m delighted […]

Damian Suarez (Elche) booked for best dive ever v Real Madrid

Some dives, like Ashley Young, are genuinely embarrassing to watch they’re so bad. But then some dives are so good to leave you almost feeling sympathy for the perpetrator. Damian Suarez’s (must run in the name) dive against Real Madrid tonight was so good that it’s only on the final replay that you spot the […]

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