FIFA open investigation against Costa Rica for jeering US national anthem & other trolling

[gthumb id=”351823″ size=”large” autoplay=”1″] So it looks like Los Ticos, in the form of their their FA Fedut, are gonna pay the price for excessive trolling of the United States of America. Surprisingly, the aggressive, close-to-the-limit trolling deployed pre-game, like the Dantean welcome at the airport, or purposely neglecting to supply the US with adaquete training […]

A funny sit down interview with the stars of the Belgian national team

Belgium have come out of nowhere, (in terms of International football history), to become 5th favourites for next summer’s World Cup. It is truly a golden generation with a number of young classy footballers who have recently taken over the Premier League. Whilst on International duty this week, a few of them sat down for […]

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