Arsene Wenger says Ox out for 6 weeks, Arsenal forward then Tweets its 3 months

When everything is going against you, even if it has been just one Premier League defeat against an emerging Aston Villa side on the opening day, it feels like even the smallest things (communication with your fans) is difficult. So it proved on Tuesday as Arsene Wenger confirmed in the pre-Fenerbahce press conference that Alex […]

Crazy story! Barry Fry delivers his own grand daughter (child of Craig Mackail-Smith)

What a story this is! Football maverick Barry Fry and current Peterborough director of football hit the headlines on Tuesday as it emerged that he was responsible for delivering his own grand daughter last week. Fry’s daughter Amber is the girlfriend of Brighton striker Craig Mackail-Smith and he had been with Barry and his wife at the England […]

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