Ibe and Aspas score excellent goals as Liverpool ease to 4-0 win at Preston

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Martin Kelly returns from injury for Liverpool at Preston, sports Waddle-esque mullet!

Martin Kelly played the final 9 minutes of Liverpool’s 4-0 friendly win at Preston, marking his return from injury after 10 months out. It would appear that the England defender may not have cut his hair during his injury lay-off! On the 101 Great Goals highlights page for Preston 0 – Liverpool 4, 1LonelyBeastieIBe asked: “Please […]

Cristiano Ronaldo speaks Arabic in 2 new adverts

Cristiano Ronaldo’s popularity in the Arabic speaking world knows no bounds. The Real Madrid forward speaks Portuguese, Spanish and English, this we know well, now Ronaldo has appeared in two new adverts speaking Arabic. Or, at least a couple of phrases! (Via Brasil Mundial)

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