Fun Free Interactive Game: Pick Your Hairstyles XI

A brand new game has been created allowing fans to build their best hairstyles XI football teams. With a back-catalogue of some of the best/worst hairdos down the years, football fans can handpick their funniest looking teams from World Cup and FA Cup history. All the classic barnets are there including Carlos Valderrama’s afro, Chris Waddle’s mullet and Ronaldo’s ridiculous […]

Pics: Fenerbahce, Galatasaray & Besiktas fans unite to protest against the Turkish government

Turkey is currently gripped by violent protests in the streets as anti-government marches spring up throughout the country. Now in the third day, the public demonstrations are the most sustained anti-government unrest for a number of years in Turkey. State media have reported more than 1,700 arrests across 67 cities, while hundreds of people are reported to have […]

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