Ronaldo on Mourinho: “I don’t care about him. I only care about Real Madrid”

It looks like Cristiano Ronaldo’s mixed zone interview with the Spanish press may have been just as explosive as Jose Mourinho’s pronouncements after the game. Ronaldo’s money quote was: “Mourinho? I don’t care about him. I only care about Real Madrid and me.” Linked with a return to Manchester United and moneybags PSG, Ronaldo looks to […]

The Tweets: ITV cut off Jose Mourinho just as The Special One is about to open up

Gabriel Clarke: “We’ll take that as England… I’ve gotta go…” What an absolute shocker! ITV have pulled off some stunts over the years but this is up there as one of the worst. What possibly were they thinking????!!! As you can imagine, Twitter went ballistic… Video, followed by the best Tweets on ITV’s (latest) major […]

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