Picture: A Barcelona banner of Sandro Rosell as Pinocchio was seized by Nou Camp security

Sandro Rosell came under attack during Barcelona’s home match against Deportivo on Saturday night. Over the past few days rumours have been sweeping through Barcelona claiming that Sandro Rosell made underground pacts with certain groups of Barcelona ultras in order to win club’s presidential election back in 201o. The accusations come as a public relations blow for Rosell […]

FAIL! Reims goalie Kossi Agassa commits a horrible handling error v Troyes

What’s the point of being a goalie if you can’t use your hands? Reims keeper Kossi Agassa, the 34-year-old Togo international with over 50 caps for his country, committed a shocking handling error on Saturday night against Troyes. Seven minutes into the match at Troyes, 17-year-old home striker Corentin Jean took a pot-shot on the visitors goal. His […]

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