Chelsea fan trolls Stan Collymore: “He hit that penalty like you hit Ulrika”

Considering Stan Collymore suffers from depression, a fact that is well known by the general public, this call may be seen by some as to be rather harsh. Nevertheless, Collymore has plenty of critics and was Trolled mercilessly on his own call-in show on TalkSport today in the aftermath of Chelsea’s 2-1 win over Arsenal. […]

Galatasaray sign Wesley Sneijder & Tweet celebratory picture

Is this the biggest signing by a Turkish club, EVER?! Did Steven Gerrard put Sneijder off joining Liverpool, today?! This is clearly great news for Turkish football but there will be plenty of naysayers out there arguing Sneijder only joined for the money. Why else would he take so long to decide over the move? […]

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