NMA TV: Cartoon report on Mancini’s bust-up with Balotelli (KKK included?!)

This is sufficiently weird. Taiwanese media outlet NMA TV have created a very… interesting cartoon news report on Mario Balotelli’s bust-up in training with manger Roberto Mancini. This surreal video sees the controversial Balotelli fart fire at Scott Sinclair, get beaten up by the Klu Klux Klan and obviously gladiator fight with Roberto Mancini. Watch the video […]

Tiki-Taka Tekkers! Barcelona show off the “Rondo” in open training session

The Barcelona Rondo is somewhat famous and is a staple of La Masia where many of the first team graduate from the most famous youth system in world football. The “Rondo” is effectively “piggy in the middle” where two players are in the circle attempting to get the ball back from all those on the […]

Eden Hazard to Nieuwsblad: ‘At Chelsea I’d give myself 7/10. I aim to win the EPL’

Belgium newspaper Nieuwsblad has conducted an in-depth interview with Chelsea star Eden Hazard to discuss the starlet life’s so far at Cobham. The interview with Eden Hazard, translated into English, can be read below. *** Eden, what is your assessment of this half-season on a personal level? I can not be unhappy. A rating? Maybe 7 out of […]

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