Miss of the Season: Mushaga Bakenga (Cercle Brugge) v KV Oostende

This. Is. Terrible! A match that few people cared about on Wednesday night was Cercle Brugge’s 2-1 win over KV Oostende in the Belgium Cup, however one moment in the second half made sure that this cup-tie will be referenced worldwide. Cercle Brugge, rock bottom of the Jupiler League, sprung a countert-attack early in the second period that […]

Another challenger to Lionel Messi! Flamengo say Zico scored 89 goals in 1979

First we had Godfrey “Ucar” Chitalu scoring 107 goals in a year with a claim from Zambia earlier this week, now Flamengo have challenged the new (and ongoing) record of Lionel Messi, who has so far scored 88 goals in 2012. The Rio giants say that former Brazil captain Zico scored 89 goals in 1979. Bruno […]

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