Jurgen Klopp poked fun at Adam Lallana’s hairstyle in tunnel v Man City (Video)

Jurgen ‘the Joker’ Klopp

Jurgen Klopp is without doubt the funniest manager in English (world?) football.

The eccentric German has become a true Kop idol since taking over at Anfield, and the Liverpool fans have really taken him to his heart.

Not just for his brilliant managerial ability, but also for his quick wit, which fits in well with the famous Scouse humour.

Mocks Lallana’s hair

And even during the most serious and tense moments, Klopp can always allow himself a giggle.

The Liverpool boss couldn’t resist poking fun at Adam Lallana’s fresh hairstyle in the tunnel ahead of the Man City game, joking

‘It looks like you had an accident with the shaver!’

Watch from 3:20 on the clip below.