45-yard lob from Guinea you won’t have seen: Horoya’s Ibrahima Sory Sankho v Atletico de Coleah (Video)

45 yard lob from Guinea you wont have seen: Horoyas Ibrahima Sory Sankho v Atletico de Coleah (Video)

Take a bow son!

A goal from Guinea has come across our radar from last weekend’s football in the West African country.

As we hope you can appreciate, we’re not up to date with the table standings in Guinea – or any domestic football in the country for that matter.

With that caveat stated, we believe this goal was scored by Horoya AC’s Ibrahima Sory Sankho against Atletico de Coleah.

What’s unmistakable is that Sankho scored from 45-yards out.

Watch the golazo below.

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