Fortaleza Keeper Nelson Ramos scores and assists against Cortulua (Video)

Nelson Ramos in his Colombia days
Nelson Ramos in his Colombia days

South American Rush Goalies

South American football has a great tradition of rush goalkeepers.

From Jorge Campos to Rene Higuita, the history of South American football is replete with keepers who get involved with the play, be it through free-kicks, penalties, or trying to dribble the pitch (looking at you Higuita).

Nelson Ramos scores and gets an assist

And Nelson Ramos is flying the flag for South American rush goalies these days.

With Rogerio Ceni retired, Ramos is one of a dying breed, but there’s life in the old dog yet, as he showed by scoring a free-kick, and then setting up a goal for Fortaleze against Cortulua today.