Epic Showdown: Gary Neville v Arsenal Fan TV (Video)

Gary Neville v Arsenal Fan TV

Gary Neville and Arsenal Fan TV have some disagreements on the YouTube channel’s modus operandi, and it all came to a head when Neville referred to the channel during his analysis on Sky Sports.

Neville called the ‘Arsenal Fan TV thing’ an ’embarrassment’, while also labelling one banner-wielding fan ‘an idiot.’

The lads at Arsenal Fan TV didn’t take to kindly to Neville’s dressing down, and invited him for a public debate, which the Mancunian gladly accepted.

Epic Showdown

The debate was held earlier this week, and has now been posted by Arsenal Fan TV.

And as was expected, it was a pretty epic showdown, as Neville debated his stance back and forth with Robbie, Troopz, Moh, Claude and DT.