Antonio Conte reveals surprising music preference for Chelsea dressing room (Video)

Would’ve had you done for a classical man, Antonio

Antonio Conte during Chelsea's pre-season
Antonio Conte during Chelsea’s pre-season

Antonio Conte previews West Ham

Chelsea manager Antonio Conte spoke to the media today, ahead of the Blues Premier League opener against West Ham on Monday.

Conte impressed with Italy at Euro 2016, and there’s much intrigue as to whether he can translate his tactical methods to the Premier League.


A league where there are very different customs and norms to Serie A, the league where spent his playing career and cut his managerial teeth.

Conte noted one such difference: in English dressing rooms loud music reigns supreme before games; in Italy, an almost religious silence is recognized.

Conte says that he’ll have to get used to that, and that if he has any say on the music, they’ll be playing ‘boom boom discotheque’ music.

Watch Conte’s musical preference at 11:30 on the clip below.