Alex Oxalde-Chamberlain was panicking on Arsenal’s flight home from Bulgaria (Video)

Alex Oxalde-Chamberlain
Alex Oxalde-Chamberlain

Alex Oxalde-Chamberlain doesn’t like to fly

Arsenal fans will likely watch the video below and immediately think of Gunners legend Dennis Bergkamp.

During his days with Arsenal, Bergkamp was famed for his fear of flying.

The Dutch striker used to have to make his own way to away matches when the rest of the squad travelled by plane.

It now seems that Alex Oxalde-Chamberlain is also not a huge fan of travel by air.

The Ox was panicking

The temperature in Bulgaria after the Arsenal beat Ludogorets was clearly very cold.

Indeed, the plane needed to be defrosted while the players were on board.

That left Oxalde-Chamberlain in a state about his safety.

Watch the Instagram moments video below.